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To your attention we present our services, on the basis of the methodology Personal biorhythms. This is psychological and analytical help in solving difficult situations. These are calculations and forecasts for all areas of life.

Sincerely, the developer of the methodology Aleksandr Zakharov.

General directions for calculations and forecasts for individuals, sole proprietors and small businesses:

What are biorhythms based on

Personal biorhythms can be viewed for each person, for each stationary object and for each vehicle.

Personal biorhythms are based on the so-called geophysical resonance, which means the release of natural energy at one time at a time certain place. Thousands of studies and facts confirm the accuracy of these methods. Geophysical resonance causes most catastrophes and accidents, conflicts and epidemics. At birth, each person acquires a specific natural FREQUENCY that was at the time of his birth at the place of birth in nature. And this FREQUENCY “follows” a person throughout his life and reflects his character and behavior. This FREQUENCY is just as unique to each human being as fingerprints and human DNA.

How to calculate the personal biorhythms

Personal biorhythms can be calculated from the characteristics of a person’s digits. These features include date of birth, home number, telephone and vehicle number and so on. But these calculations do not belong to classical numerology. Such calculations refer to the methodology of energetics of numbers, again based on geophysical resonance in nature.

Calculation of the peculiarities of personal relationships

Calculation of the specifics of your health

Calculating the specifics of your career, property and finances

Calculation of the specifics of your personal safety

Computer programs

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Procedure for forming the order for calculations and forecasts

Procedure for creating the order for the calculation of personal codes

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