International Club «Civilization»

International Club «Civilization»

The goal of the Club Civilization is to predict and prevent accidents, disasters, conflicts and other dramatic events that adversely affect the civilized path of society’s development in the world.

The activity of the club is designed to provide very different predictions and recommendations for very different exciting processes in the world.

All interested persons who want to live in a predictable, civilized way are invited to the club.

Club members receive specific predictions and recommendations that can help them develop the club’s activities.

Photos or videos of club members may be posted to our internet resources upon request by club members.

The club works according to the theory “Energetic rhythms of nature” (principles of event development) according to Aleksandr Zakharov’s methodology of personal biorhythms.

Club members

Aleksandr Zakharov

Chairman of the Club “Civilization”

Andreas Henneberg, Deputy Chairman

 of the Club “Civilization”, Finance sector

Irina Zakharov

Sector Formation and Education of children

Alena Zakharov

Sector Geology

Aleksandr Bogitov

Sector Stress and Depression Management

DAR’YA Popova

Sector Small business Siberia and Far East region

Aleksandr Konnikov

Sector harmonization of relations, Volga region

Julia Helms

Sector of healing and self- improvement, psychosomatic, California USA

Evaldas Mickunas

Sector Norway