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Geophysical resonance

The calculations are made in accordance with the scientific theory “Energetic Rhythms of Nature”, which is based on learning the processes of Earth’s PHYSICS. This theory is based on the methodology of the “regularity of the development of events” and not on mysticism, esoteric science or mythological aspects of human life. Methodologies can be developed down to the level of computer programs and can be presented in the form of programs for teaching. The methodologies have been created on the basis of many years of research into the events and processes.

The history of the origin of the methodologies

In the 1970s – 1980s it was modern to discuss the questions of human biological rhythms. Attempts have been made to develop methods for calculating the biorhythm. But it was all too complicated and confusing. Almost everywhere, the investigation of these questions has been reduced to zero. All developments went into private research. In the late 1990s in private intellectual potential, the basics of the methodology of personal biorhythms were created. The methodologies were then tested for several years for the accuracy of the calculations and for the efficiency in their use. At the beginning of the 2000s, the methodologies as a whole were finished and are still used in private scientific research today, with constant improvements in efficiency.
We are currently talking about creating a new scientific direction in science – the energetic rhythms of nature or personal biorhythms.

Explanation of social status

These accident and conflict prediction methodologies are the private intellectual property of Aleksandr Zakharov.

Methodologies were developed in 1998.

The methodologies include more than 20 different independent directions in the calculations. Each direction has its own specificity. Part of the copyright is sold to potential business partners in each direction. The study of world experience in questions of geophysical resonance showed that such a direction in official science does not yet exist in the world.

Cooperation agreement

The company “Business Analytik” UG (Germany) is a representative of the developer Aleksandr Zakharov (Russia) in Germany, according to the cooperation agreement dated 02.01.2019.