Willingness to get determination, calculations and predictions for yourself – Not every person is psychologically ready to get calculations, explanations, predictions and recommendations for themselves. The “instinct of self-preservation” works, meaning the desire “to the last moment” to control your own life, your own destiny, and not allow anyone to interfere in these deeply personal processes. And that’s absolutely right and always up to date. But … In life there are very complex and extremely complicated events that are hard to find out without outside help. Then, in humans, his personal “instinct of self-preservation” again “switches”. A person on the level of the subconscious and the consciousness clearly understands that someone should tell him something or even help him find out or do something important for him that solves some problems. And this will be the right and timely decision again. The intuition and specific thoughts of a person clearly show him that it is time to “connect” someone with the analysis of complex situations. Then the decision is made to explore for oneself, to analyze forecasts and other informative “hints” that can help to get out of a difficult situation, or at least to understand the possibility of such a “way out” from a difficult situation.

Psychology of complex events

Let’s look at some examples of calculations and forecasts:

Example 1

Month ….. 20 … of the Year – This is a month full of new acquaintances, new business and personal relationships, new joint plans with someone. But this month, these processes will occur only in the beginning, in general forms. When new people arrive, you will discuss important common interests with them for 2-3 months. It’s about the safety of flights for you. Fate wants you to find new people and not get into emergency situations. In this regard, November is important to you, but not an emergency period of life. In addition, the time ………… absolutely not conducive to mass accidents and disasters in aviation. The season of tensions ends at the end of ……………. The next such SEASON will only begin at the end …………………

Flight number and determination of the flight by degree of risk:

– the day……. Flight ……… Departure from ………….. at 20:35, arrival at ………….. at 23:25 o’clock

This is for you a flight of business communication with someone, study of the GENERAL interests with someone, possibly new acquaintance in the course of the flight. Therefore, the flight itself is not stressful and not an emergency for you. But you should not talk much about yourself in communicating with new people, because this flight “means” to study someone, not the beginning of general plans.

The function of the flight day by risk:

Day ……. – This is a day of communication with many people. But the day itself is not stressful, but rather quiet. This means that the communication can also be calm and harmonious. Emergency situations can occur on such days, but only in the morning. You have the departure in the evening, when much has already calmed down. Therefore, there should be no emergencies. But on the way to the airport and when registering tickets, you may be able to communicate with many people you do not need. You should perceive such communication as a feature of the day, not more.

Example 2

For you, the phase of grave processes in your life continues, mainly in the search for oneself. The reasons come from you. Their job is to study themselves to make complex processes controllable. Then you can start going out of this difficult time in the year 20 …. This EXIT is made in the form of a confirmation from you in the role of an individualistic specialist. You will work for the team, but for yourself. This is the best form of working relationship between you and the team. Because you inherently have strong personality traits that do not allow you to dissolve in the team and be like everyone else.

In the calculation period until the year 20 … you must make every effort to understand the causes of ongoing processes, gain new knowledge about the work, analyze the main features of the work team.

In the year 20 ….. you can change the job, take over a new position. But it will all be after the year 20 … when you have to study the secrets in depth, with the difficulties that are going on inside and around you. Developing your business is only possible if you combine your efforts with someone. It should be a common business with someone, although you are interested in something individual.

Example 3

Many events and processes will take place in a certain, sophisticated form. You need to confirm a lot, coordinate, sign important documents, agree with someone’s opinion, someone’s needs and demands. This is an important and responsible phase that can give you the beginning of a long, long-lasting phase of your life in which you have to live and work according to new rules.

Example 4

This is the period when questions of financial condition and ownership may come first. Themes such as clothing, property, vehicles, places of residence, etc. will become more important. You want to save a lot, personally improve, arrange or re-register the property or something else. You want to save a large amount of money for something important. You can become more prudent and far-sighted. You may be asking questions about long-term financial and real estate projects in terms of the reliability of your financial and real estate status.

Example 5

This is the time to gain new knowledge, to search for important information, to develop, to re-train, to train, to gain new experiences, and so on. You can find important information yourself or external events will urge you to do so. This year you can be tested in the working team for the right to be a qualified specialist. It is also a time of enforced or desired detailed analysis of important events and processes, especially of someone. You want to understand something in detail, to connect something, to compare something. Many things in your life are subjected to a detailed analysis of the perspectives and methods of work and communication. You may now have new intellectual hobbies, new intellectual friends, and work colleagues.

In this phase, secrets are learned and complex and complicated processes are analyzed. Many secrets are revealed. You will be able to understand particularly confusing questions that you did not understand before. Your self-confidence can increase with the knowledge of secrets. However, it is important that you do NOT overdo it with the new knowledge. This is also a time with extra high demands on you from someone. There can be a clarification of relationships, disputes, legal processes to solve particularly complex and complicated processes. This is also a time of aggravating certain diseases for you if brewing has been done for several years. This is generally a very NON-easy year, which can offer you a lot of new and unusual opportunities to develop and work successfully, be on business and maintain personal relationships. But there can be several, especially complex and controversial and even conflict situations, which are difficult to solve with conventional methods.

Example 6

In order to receive PROFIT, you only need to select the PROFESSIONAL program of fate and should not think otherwise when making a living. You have to think, talk and live, make money, and everything else – LATER. Then the money will answer you with “reciprocity” because you RESPECT it. However, such processes may not be entirely standard for you. For you, SCIENCE is first of all more important, analytical processes and then only profit. The best is when you benefit from complex scientific processes in which you control almost everything yourself. This is a particularly reliable way for you to realize profit aspects.

Example 7

This is the time of necessity to study oneself and learn new deep knowledge about oneself. This is a time of reassessment of you. This is a time of intense psychological and philosophical training to understand the most complex processes around you and in yourself. This can turn out to be a very complicated and psychologically, philosophically and intellectually confused phase of your life where you have to recognize a lot in yourself and be prepared for something NEW. This will be important against the background of some problems at work, in communication, in oneself.

This is the time of needing to study oneself and learn new, profound knowledge about yourself in terms of your character’s particularly complex subtleties. This is a time frame in which you reevaluate yourself for your SPECIAL FEATURES, for hidden potentials, reserves or hidden difficulties that prevent you from working and communicating on a regular basis. This is a time of intense psychological and philosophical training to understand the most complex and even SECRET processes around you and within yourself. It can turn out to be a very complicated and psychologically, philosophically and intellectually confused phase of your life, in which you have to recognize many SECRETS in yourself and adapt to many NEWS. This will be important against the background of some problems at work, in communication, in oneself.

Example 7

First function of the month – month of final thesis with important details. One month of important final reports, debt repayment. Everything that has accumulated for a long time can “stack up” on you. The same applies to health and personal relationships. There can be important results on these topics.

Second function of the month – the month of great and arduous work, the need to engage in many important processes at the same time. A month full of new ways to solve complex problems.

Third function of the month – month of important decisions, the important approval of important positions, the assignment of important functions to you. A month of increased responsibility. 

Finance – Month of great and laborious work in managing financial processes, the need to participate simultaneously in many important financial processes. A month of new ways to solve complex financial problems. Some processes will depend on other processes. You have to be clear and quick in this direction.

Health – Month of tedious work, routine work on the line of health, someone forced to render assistance on the line of someone’s health. Month of careful conversion of finances required to manage your health.

Personal Relationships – A month full of great and laborious work, the need to engage in many important processes simultaneously in the context of personal relationships. A month of new ways to solve complex problems in personal relationships. That may involve work and your home, the reorganization of something, the restructuring of something in your home after you have made joint decisions. This can be an important purchase when making decisions through personal relationships with someone.

Features of the work – The long-awaited breakthrough into something long-term and stable is possible. However, this will happen if you do everything on time and correctly before this month. The main thing is to understand yourself and the RULES of the team.

Special features in business

Personal security –

Property –

“Parameters of the accuracy of calculations and forecasts”:

Parameters of source data that refine calculations and forecasts – date of birth (primary source data), number of houses, apartments and offices without names of streets and cities, telephone numbers, identification documents (the sum of the numbers is important), vehicle registration numbers and other numerical data.

Parameters of the complexity of the calculations according to the degree of accuracy – period of life from 5-8 years, calculation of the selected period of life, calculation of the current year, month, week, day and hour.

Using the scheme “Events – Hint” – “Hint” schema by hours, days, months, and years for specific time periods in the future.

Computation of personal codes – your natural characteristic that affect events.

Maximum “accuracy” – method of accompaniment specific situations and processes.

Using the natural tension breakout graphs to account for the stress of the selected day and hour.

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