For those who want to change their lives for the better and improve the lives of others who want to make life predictable and effective, beautiful and diverse, full of interesting events, full of health and activity, we offer a variety of opportunities for collaboration.

Variant for cooperation in Science – that is the creation and maintenance of a database of dramatic events in society on each topic, the analysis of such events and the search for possible options to prevent such processes and events in the future.

Variant of cooperation in the field of education of children, harmony in the family, at school, at the institute.

Variant for cooperation in the field of road safety.

Variant for cooperation in aviation security.

Variant for cooperation on the subject of athletic achievement without injuries and without dramatic events.

Variant of cooperation in the search and support of private customers, sole proprietors, small businesses.

Variant of cooperation in the field of accompanying potential clients in certain events and processes to provide psychological assistance.

For potential partners who wish to fully learn the methodologies, one should understand the level of accuracy of the methodologies. See the explanations in the section “Psychological help in difficult situations”. The accuracy of the methodologies also depends directly on the inclination (talent) of the partner towards these methodologies. Complete education, the education period is at least FIVE years. You will be able to calculate something yourself at the earliest in 2-3 years. Working with the market requires an understanding of the customer’s psychology and the ability (experience) of project management within the framework of systems management.